personal development coaching

Not every individual was born to be an entrepreneur but everyone was born with a purpose. The first step to effective Personal Development Coaching is helping our clients to identify their purpose and determine their desire for their life for the short to long term goal. We help individuals to realize the path they desire for their life. During the process of personal development coaching we help clients to develop a plan for their career or entrepreneurial path; along with the needed resources to get the desired results.

Career and Entrepreneurial Coaching is a smart way to save time and money and begin on an intentional path to success.

Career Path Entrepreneurship Path
Preparing for the ideal career The foundational keys to successful business
Cost effective career preparation Funding your idea
Developing a plan Developing a Business Plan
Implementing a Strategy Plan

What can a Magnetic Success Coach do for you?

Often times the absence of balance creates an inability to be effective at anything. Having a coach will help you to discover your purpose, unlock you potential and get you started on a focused path to accomplishing your desires.


What are past clients saying?

“Because of Sherrell’s coaching I was able to start my own business and run it effectively. I am forever indebted to her for the value she has brought to my life and how it has allowed me to create balance and spend more time with my family.” Ervely Greene


Value $15,000.00                                         Investment: (Discuss with a coach TODAY)