Is success making headlines?

Before I knew anything about success or truly understood it, I felt broken and disappointed for not having it. As an adolescent my grandmother loved that I was athletic but I decided to stop the track team because I didn’t like being sweaty and I didn’t want to suffer through another injury either. As a teen winning debates, speeches, being President of different clubs, still didn’t feel like I was accomplishing enough to make headlines :-). Yes, I thought headlines was real success. As an adult I did not want to be a doctor or a lawyer and my parents sure couldn’t afford to send me to college and I needed to work to support my self. So I guess I still wasn’t successful. How long was it going to take for me to be successful? How long was it going to take for me to truly be proud of my accomplishments? I missed so many opportunities to celebrate my wins because I didn’t understand that success was not a destination. I didn’t understand that the fact that I was doing it my way made me successful.

Success is setting a deliberate goal and deliberately realizing it. The fact that I was not persuaded to do it the way someone else wanted me to do it or to be what someone else wanted, allowed me to enjoy my own beaten path. Setting goals and realizing them has been so exciting and rewarding and it has been even more so, now that I realize that every accomplishment is a success and not just the big ones. In fact what makes a win big or small. Is first place a bigger win in a race against 10, than in a race against 3? I also realize that success is personal. If you are waiting to make headlines, that is not a true measurement of success. Whitney Houston stayed in the headlines and everyone saw greatest hits, sold out performances, #1 at the box office and a multimillionaire as very successful but she suffered depression and was unhappy. If you are happy doing what makes you happy and choosing the people in your life wisely to only enhance that happiness, you are successful.

People with goals that are relentlessly pursued and realized, are successful. There is nothing fulfilling about being on the elite job that you do not like, in the high position you do not enjoy. If you you are a cleaner or fisherman because that is what you have always wanted to do and you wake up every morning excited to fish or clean again, you are successful. Dreaming and not doing is wasting time and talent. You never know what you can accomplish if you never try. I was like other people that talked about wanting to travel the world “one day” and now that I am traveling every other week, I wonder why so many people believe it can only be one day, as in rich or successful or married. If you set a goal and work towards it, anything that you can imagine, can be achieved.

Today I am so happy to be a magnetic success because once I can imagine it, “I always went after it” and every time you achieve your “it,” you realize that you can keep being successful. Nothing can resist a will. When your heart, mind and actions are working together to accomplish your “it” and you realize that no matter how big your dream is, the universe aligns to help you, you will begin to see the possibilities and the illusions created by fear will disappear.

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