Intentional Living

This morning my social media post was one of mixed emotions. As I strolled down my page I realized that there were so many people mourning the loss of a loved one, that it seemed to be one individual’s post after another. While my first thought was to offer condolences, I also wondered if I would get through each of them and sincerely provide words of comfort that meant something significant and unique to each of their situation but instead of responding to the many heartbroken timelines, I decided to make a general post that I believed would be more meaningful and the post read:

I noticed particularly this morning that so many are mourning the loss of a loved one. I pray that each one will find comfort in an all knowing God that does all things well and while in our finite and some times selfish way of thinking, we can not see pass the hurt we no doubt feel and the loneliness that seem to outweigh the great memories. I pray more importantly that we become more aware of how short life can be and begin to live intentionally. That we begin to be more purpose driven in our pursuit to live our desires. I come against fear and procrastination and I release you to live your best life now.

Not long after writing this post was the urgency to live intentionally echoed yet again, as a friend frantically reached out to me to see if I was okay. It turns out that she had received news that I was in hospital and had suffered a stoke. I assured her that I was great and in fact living intentionally. I could not help but to wonder if the news was a mistaken identity and indeed someone I knew was touched by death. Minutes later the confirmation came that yes a mutual friend was indeed in the hospital and with names as close as ours people thought it was me. I was saddened to learn of the news and wondered even more about my biggest concern. Are people living or just existing? Are the people that I love and care about happy? Are my friends and loved ones living their desires and are they feeling fulfilled daily? I can not change the world but if I can get one person to live intentionally and to set aside fear and procrastination to make one step towards their desire, believing that the universe is ready to work with you and for you to make those desires a reality; I would have done my small part. Take the time to truly decide what is it that brings you joy, that makes you smile and makes your heart dance and what is stopping you from doing just that.

People like you and me are living their dreams because they did some things differently. They were not afraid to fail and when they failed they were not afraid to fail again. These people have been talked about and ridiculed and quite frankly have learnt that people’s opinion of them carried little to no weight, when measured against what was their opinion of themselves. You have been faced with circumstances, challenges and disappointments that you were certain were meant to kill you but look at you, you almost forgot what it was like now that you are out of the storm. There are more storms ahead but they are only temporary. Your greatest storm will be living a life of regret and “What if.” Face the challenges head on and enjoy the sun, the rain, the thunder and every other element the seasons will bring with it and in these seasons enjoy a purposeful life, so that when the curtain closes on your life, it would be the best performance ever and the world will remember that you were here and you LIVED!

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