Quitting the J.O.B!

“How do I know when it is time to quit my job?” is a question the author has been asked many times while conducting workshops and strategic one on one sessions. The thing about kicking the JOB is, it is not for everyone. There are some people who have accepted that having a job is their path and preference and couldn’t imagine being a business owner. It is great to know your own path and to intentionally live it; not knowing your purpose is the scary part.

Knowing your path is essential to strategically and intentionally achieving your ultimate goal. There are dozens of reasons why people want to quit their jobs and you may be able to relate to the few mentioned below:

  • Not liking the boss
  • Wanting more money
  • No love or enthusiasm for the job

There are also the signs that tells you that your current job is not bringing you fulfillment anymore; that is if it ever did.

  • You hate going to work, to the point that the thought of having to go in the following day impacts your sleep.
  • You are so unmotivated to work that you put off doing everything that you have to do, almost to the point that you are unproductive.
  • Your health is being impacted. Between working hours, the drinking or eating the job away, the stressing and declining energy, you can feel the difference in your physical body.
  • Your job is the center of your complaints. You call friends or family so you can vent during the day about your job, you vent with co-workers and you vent some more when you get home.
  • Perhaps you are over qualified, which leaves you feeling stuck.
  • The negative work culture- The negativity or slackness on the job frustrates you; it seems as if there is no accountability or commitment from the head all the way down, in the organization.
  • No room for promotion. When there is no growth, there is a lack of drive, especially in the absence of a greater purpose.
  • Perhaps you are not being listened to. There is a feeling of insignificance and a lack of appreciation towards you and or your contributions on the job.

There is the individual that would go through a combination of the experiences above and simply want another job. Maybe a higher paying job, or a job where they are doing something that they enjoy more. Sometimes people just need a get away or a sabbatical to reboot. When the reason is to go from one job to the next it is important to not be misguided by the greener grass on the other side or the better working conditions, when you are on the outside looking in. It is very important to weigh and prioritize the pros and the cons, even if it is a situation where you are being offered a new job.

On the other side of the spectrum, there is the innate entrepreneur, who no matter what the conditions are on the job, no matter what amount of money they make, they will always feel incomplete. There is the constant inward battle of wanting more, of feeling like you can do more and be more. You are a creative and often challenged with which of your many ideas you will pursue. The thing about the entrepreneur is that the inward battle seem to get greater and greater as time goes on but the more time passes without action the dreaming becomes fewer and less clear, until they stop dreaming.

The author has met many types of entrepreneurs but to highlight a common three:

There is the Fearless Entrepreneur that ventures out no matter what. He or she takes the leap and figures it out as he or she goes. The Fearless Entrepreneur has the character that a lot of people wish they could have. This entrepreneur has setbacks but very rarely gives up.

There is the Calculated Entrepreneur. Most people are familiar with a calculated risk but the entrepreneur in this instance is calculating. He or she spends a lot of time weighing the decision, trying to decide how the decision will impact his or her life a day or month or year later. This entrepreneur eventually quits his or her job but calculates them self right back on the job, to find security to take a leap at a venture again.

There is the Logical Entrepreneur that wants the perfect plan, only to not realize there is no perfect plan and so the dream is sometimes delayed or not realized. This entrepreneur will develop the details of the business and plan the business to a science but there is always something else to keep them devising a plan and not implementing the plan.

The thing about an entrepreneur is, he or she cannot be boxed in. There is no one characteristic to describe him or her. If an entrepreneur takes the fearless jump then learns to swim or calculates and get it right or plan and get it done; the entrepreneurial spirit is what they have in common. To take a little from each entrepreneur type can make for a great entrepreneur. Be logical and calculate the decision but be fearless and stop at nothing. Do not get caught up in perfect.

What are the pros and cons of quitting your job to become an entrepreneur?

What does your current path look like and does it align with your entrepreneurial goals?

What is it that you envision for the future and what is the strategic plan to get you there?

People are the enemy of themselves and often have to commit to stop sabotaging who they were created to be. A person’s biggest regret will never be failing, but failing to even try.

Start the process by identifying who inspires you? Connect with them, listen and share and be inspired.

Pursue relationships by giving value and the money will come. If you need to slow down for a moment , go ahead but never stop moving forward.

Perhaps you need assistance in becoming a successful entrepreneur. Get advice from a veteran and a successful entrepreneur. The author has owned multiple companies and profit sharing in other companies and has launched successful start ups with little to no capital. She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start up and scale up. She can help you devise a Strategic Plan to Quit your job. If that is you, take the next step and click the link below.

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